• Baldwin Cafeteria and Visitation Procedures


  • Parent/Visitor Expectations: 
    Parents are welcome to join their children for lunch. However, all visitors must adhere to GCPS and local school procedures when visiting our school.


    • For the safety of all students and staff, only persons listed on the enrollment/locator card will be permitted to eat lunch with students. 
    • Only the enrolling parent can add or remove visitors to the enrollment/locator card.
    • All changes must be completed in person with proper identification.

    Lunch Times:

    • Parents must confirm their child's lunchtime with the classroom teacher prior to visitation. 
    • School events, assemblies, and testing may prompt changes to your child’s lunch schedule. Parents will be alerted via school communication (letters, messenger, Class Dojo, etc.)

    Checking In and Out:

    • Upon arrival, all visitors must check in at the kiosk located in the front office.  Identification is required at check-in from all adults.
    • Visitors will receive a sticker that must be worn visibly (at all times) while in the building.
    • Prior to leaving, please check-out at the kiosk.


    • Parents have a designated visitor’s area to eat lunch with their child. Due to limited seating, please refrain from sitting at your student’s class table.
    • Only your child may accompany you to the parents' table.
    • To avoid disruption to our daily routines and processes, balloons, party favors, candy, etc., are not permitted.


    • Authorized visitors are welcome to sign in at the front office and join their child for lunch. However, outside food and packages are not permitted.
  • Student Breakfast
    Full Price $1.50
    Reduced Price $0.30

    Student Lunch
    Full Price $2.25
    Reduced Price $0.40 

    Adult Lunch

    A LA Carte
    Milk $0.40
    Extra Side $0.40
    Extra Entree $2.00
    Soy Milk $0.75
    Large Bottled Water $0.75