• Clinic Information

    Clinic Worker:  Nancy Emery
    Phone:  770-447-2616
    Fax: 770-447-2617
    E-mail:  nancy_emery@gwinnett.k12.ga.us

    COVID-19 Information

    Our desire at Pinckneyville Middle School is for all students to remain healthy and safe while learning.  Please keep your student at home and reach out to the Health Response Team at the school by emailing or calling the school if any of these situations are occurring: 

    • your student is experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19
    • your student has been in close contact to someone that is experiencing symptoms and is suspected of having Covid-19 (this includes parents, guardians, and siblings)
    • you, as the parent/guardian, are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19
    • you or the student are awaiting test results

    In all of the above circumstances, please keep your student home and reach out to the Health Response Team.

    Health Response Team:  Ashley Bolton, Assistant Principal; Amy Phillips, HRT support; Nancy Emery, Clinic 

    Helpful Links:  How to Protect Yourself and Others from the CDC, Quaratine Guidance if You Are Exposed to Someone with Covid-19 from the GA Dept of Health, and Caring for Someone Sick at Home from the CDC



    1. Our clinic strictly complies with the State of Georgia and Gwinnett County Public Schools guidelines for administering medications.  For the safety of all students at our school, the following guidelines should be followed when requesting administration of medications at school.
    2. Only those medications required during school hours should be administered at school.  Please check with your physician regarding the need for medications to be administered during school hours.
    3. All medications, both prescription and over-the-counter must be accompanied by a completed Administration of Medication
    4. Request form and brought to the school clinic by an adult. 
    5. Students may not transport medications to school.
    6. All medications must be in the original child-proof container. 
    7. Prescription medications must be in their labeled prescription bottle.  School staff will only administer medication according to the directions on the label.
    8. Any medications remaining at the end of the school year must be picked up or school staff will dispose of them.
    9. Students may only carry medication as prescribed by law with the required documentation.  Please check with our school clinic worker if your child needs to carry emergency medications with him/her.