• Digital Citizenship

  • Digital Citizenship

  • Digital citizen identity: the ability to build and manage a healthy identity online and offline with integrity

    Screen time management: the ability to manage one’s screen time, multitasking, and one’s engagement in online games and social media with self-control

    Cyberbullying management: the ability to detect situations of cyberbullying and handle them wisely

    Cybersecurity management: the ability to protect one’s data by creating strong passwords and to manage various cyberattacks

    Privacy management: the ability to handle with discretion all personal information shared online to protect one’s and others’ privacy

    Critical thinking: the ability to distinguish between true and false information, good and harmful content, and trustworthy and questionable contacts online

    Digital footprints: The ability to understand the nature of digital footprints and their real-life consequences and to manage them responsibly

    Digital empathy: the ability to show empathy towards one’s own and others’ needs and feelings online