• Academic Resources

  • All About eCLASS

    eCLASS is the Student Portal where students can access study and learning materials from their teachers. Students log into eCLASS using their student ID number and their unique password. From eCLASS, students can access a wealth of learning resources specific to their grade level and classroom.

    Click here to learn more about the eCLASS student portal.

    Below you can find screenshots of some of the commonly used resources in the Student eCLASS Portal.


     Student eclass screenshot with digital textbooks

  • Alford's Learning Links

    Students have accounts registered with the following learning programs. Contact your child's teacher for their login information. Students are encouraged to use these resources regularly at home in order to support their learning. These links can be accessed on your child's eCLASS landing page, or by clicking the direct links listed below.

     eclass web tiles

  • Creation and Study Tools

    Learn more about creating products and presentations to support learning using the resources linked below. Also find links to help improve your study skills.