Title I and the Family Engagement Center

  • Family Engagement Center Hours and Location

    Hours: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

    Location: First hallway on the left, first classroom on the right.

    What is the Family Engagement Center?

    The Family Engagement Center Center offers parents help and resources they can use to support their child at home. Certified staff members are available assist parents with questions and resources throughout the school day. Research shows involving families and communities in their local schools improves academic and social success of children. Therefore, the mission of the Family Engagement Center is to impact the academic achievement of each student by creating an environment that strengthens parental involvement and provides resources for parents.

    What can the Family Engagement Center do for me?

    • Build parent capacity
    • Volunteer opportunities…We need you! 
    • Check out books, games, CDs, and more to help your child at home
    • Workshops, English classes, and nutrition classes
    • Help with school related paperwork, website activities, MyPaymentsPlus
    • Teach me what my child is learning
    • Help me communicate with teachers
    • Community resources
    • Build community involvement