Student Recognition

  • Students will be recognized for birthdays, academic achievement, good citizenship, perfect attendance, individual achievement and just for being great kids! Teachers are encouraged to develop additional ways to recognize good work and behavior in the classroom.

  • Principal's Honor Roll

    Straight A - Honor Roll of Excellence
    All As.

    Honor Roll of High Achievement
    Any combination of grades A and B - Must also have all E’s, and S’s – including conduct and effort.

  • Honor Roll (Grades 2-5)

    Straight A - Honor Roll of Excellence
    All As.

    Honor Roll of High Achievement
    Any combination of grades A and/or B

  • Fifth Grade Finale (Grade 5)

    At the end of each year, a fifth grade recognition program is held. Parents and other family members are invited to school to celebrate the achievements of our fifth graders. Students take a “finale walk” through the school at the end of the program. K-4 students line the halls to applaud the fifth graders as they pass by their classroom.

    At the Fifth Grade Finale, the Calvin Parsons Award is given out.  

    Calvin Parsons was a man who valued education and enriching the community around him. He was an active supporter of his church, local hospitals and the Bank of Duluth. He was a local businessman and opened the first of several Parson’s stores. In 1983 he was honored as Gwinnett County’s Citizen of the Year by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce. His family carried on his legacy by being instrumental in the organizing of the Gwinnett Fine Arts Center and Children’s Museum. In addition, the family is very actively involved in planning the Duluth Fall Festival to promote the re-development of downtown Duluth. They have also continued the tradition by actively supporting the hospital system of Gwinnett County.  Over 50 Parsons descendants still live in the area.

    The Calvin Parsons award was established here at Parsons in his name to honor the student who most embodies his spirit by demonstrating outstanding school citizenship and a strong commitment to learning.
    Candidates for this award should always try their hardest to produce quality schoolwork and achieve their fullest potential. They do not necessarily have to be your top academic student as long as they show a strong work ethic. In addition, this student should be an upstanding citizen. Someone who is kind to others and actively involved in the classroom volunteering to help in various situations as needed. This student may also be active in making improvements in the community by volunteering for local organizations, recycling or conserving resources for example.

  • Good Citizen (K-5)

    Teachers select Good Citizens for the class. These students show a positive attitude toward classmates, school, and the community. Display an understanding and appreciation of civic responsibility.

  • Perfect Attendance (K-5)

    Students with perfect attendance are present each day of the grading period. 

  • Student Birthdays (PK-5)

    Students are recognized on their birthday with a gift from the principal. Birthday names are also recognized on the morning announcements.

  • Cub of the Month

    Each month, homeroom teachers select one student to represent the Cub of the Month.