Clinic Worker: Ms. Leocadia Pineda

    Email:   Leocadia.Pineda@gcpsk12.org

    Phone:  770-638-2321

    Fax:  770-638-2309


About the Clinic

  • Welcome to the Berkmar Middle School Clinic.  Ms. Lepcadoa Pineda is present in our school to act as a liaison between home and school regarding health concerns and to serve as a health resource for you and your child.  Please feel free to contact the clinic with any concerns or questions.

    It is our desire to have a coordinated and well-communicated Health Management Plan for your child.  A list of medical forms is available on the district website. Please request the appropriate forms from Ms. Pineda and complete them before meeting with her and your grade-level counselor.  If you have any questions about the forms or wish to set up a team meeting to review the plan, please contact your grade-level counselor.  Thank you!

    Important Note:  Gwinnett County regulations indicate that we must have
    permission in writing to administer medication to your child.