Beanstack Reading Challenge Information

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    Duncan Creek has a school-wide reading program that encourages students to read at home nightly.  Students work to build reading stamina by meeting nightly reading goals set for their grade levels. The program begins in the Fall each year and continues through the end of April.

    The program is designed to help students build reading stamina at home. At the beginning of the school year, teachers on each grade level set a nightly reading goal for their students.  Students will record nightly reading in a digital reading log called Beanstack .   As students add books/minutes read to their digital reading logs, they earn progress towards a grade level reading challenge goal. Students who meet the challenge goal by the last day of the challenge will receive a prize.  Some challenges within Beanstack will have additional reading activities for the students to complete.  These activities help students earn badges within Beanstack.  

    Click the button below to access Beanstack.

Daily/Weekly Reading Goals to Help You Complete Challenges