Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About Programs at Buice Center

  • Who can attend Buice Center? Can I sign my child up?

    Eligibility for our programs, ADAPT, BRIDGE, and STRIVE, are determined by Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Teams. Once an IEP Team has determined that one of our programs is a good fit for a student, GCPS will arrange transportation and the student will be assigned to our school. We unfortunately cannot accept student registrations intitiated by parents.

  • Is transportation provided?

    Yes! Our students have access to GCPS transportation services through their Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). ADAPT and BRIDGE students are transported to and from our school building each day, while STRIVE students are transported to and from their vocational training sites.

  • Is there a cafeteria at Buice Center?

    Yes! Students in ADAPT and BRIDGE programs have the option to purchase breakfast and lunch at school, and can also apply for free or reduced meals if your family qualifies for that program. You can pay for lunches through cash or check sent to school with your child, or by adding money on your student's account on the MyPaymentsPlus website or app. You can read more information on our cafeteria page. Meals at STRIVE sites will depend on where your student is training, please contact your teacher for more information.

  • How do teachers and/or case managers communicate with parents?

    Our teachers are fortunate to have a variety of tools available for keeping parents informed.  They include Parentsquare, Progress Reports, email, phone calls, behavior sheets as well as other forms.

    As a community member of Buice, you will receive monthly newsletters.

  • Are support services such as PT, OT, and ST available at Buice Center?

    Yes! If your student's IEP includes related services such as Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or Speech Therapy, those services will continue at Buice Center.

  • Do you follow the Gwinnett County Schools Calendar?

    Yes! All our programs follow the Gwinnett Calendar. 

    Gwinnett Calendar


  • Will my child still have an IEP?

    Yes! Students' IEPs follow them to Buice Center and guide everything we do.

  • Will we still receive progress reports?

    Yes! No matter which program your student attends, the teacher will send regular progress reports home either electronically or in a paper copy.

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