Mission & Beliefs

  • Mountain Park Mission Statement

    Our mission is to provide an environment where all children, valued as individuals with varied abilities and potential, can acquire the academic knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in life.


    • All students learn best when they are actively involved in meaningful and developmentally appropriate opportunities for success.

    • Educators, students, parents, and the community share in the responsibility of enabling students to become confident, self-directed, life-long learners who recognize the relevance of learning.

    • Students learn in different ways and should be provided with a variety of instructional approaches and meaningful assessments to support their learning styles and promote success on the Academic Knowledge and Skills.

    • Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and cultural needs.

    • Challenging, appropriate expectations increase individual student performance.

    • The belief that all students can learn is fundamental to all decisions impacting the work of the school.

    • Students learn to make appropriate behavioral and academic decisions given a safe, supportive, and challenging environment.

    • Students will become effective problem solvers and communicators.

    • Students will become proficient users of technology.

    • The commitment to continuous improvement and life-long learning is imperative for all members of the organization.

    • The faculty and staff are committed to shared decision-making and collaborative leadership and will base all decisions on the collection and analysis of relevant data.