• Vision

    Arcado Elementary School will Achieve Excellence Schoolwide.


    The mission of Arcado Elementary School is to cultivate academic and behavioral excellence in an inclusive environment that fosters the joy of teaching and learning to prepare students to become global citizens.

Students standing behind a bench
  •  Core Beliefs


    1. Arcado Elementary  School will educate the whole child by focusing on teaching and learning the AKS in an interactive environment to create problem solvers, risk-takers, and respectful global citizens.

    2. Arcado Elementary School will hire and retain highly qualified professionals who embody life-long learning, integrity, and commitment to optimizing student achievement.

    3. Arcado Elementary School will partner with parents and guardians through open communication that empowers them with tools to support their student’s academic success.

    4. Arcado Elementary School will lead with transparency and empathy by stating clear and concise expectations to allow all stakeholders opportunities to feel heard, respected, and valued.

    5. Arcado Elementary School will provide a rigorous instructional environment aligned to the AKS to create authentic learning experiences using QPTS and best practices.

    6. Arcado Elementary School will optimize student achievement through responsible stewardship using proven business practices and resources necessary to meet current and future demands.

    7. Arcado Elementary School will provide and manage a clean, safe, and secure campus with traditional, non-traditional, and student-created learning spaces.

    8. Arcado Elementary School will transform instruction through innovative technological practices to advance teaching and learning.

    9. Arcado Elementary School will provide timely and relevant information to all stakeholders using a variety of communication modes.

    10. Arcado Elementary School will encourage an inclusive environment that celebrates the achievements, accomplishments, and contributions of our diverse community