• At NGMS, our teachers are focused on building relationships with our students in an effort to create a positive and dynamic learning environment. Our school has set specific expectations for our students to be Accountable, Respectful, and Engaged in all locations in our building. As a regular practice, students are acknowledged for meeting these expectations. 


    In instances where students do not meet the school-wide expectations, the teacher and student will discuss the infraction and steps will be assigned. We have designed a progression of consequences intended to provide opportunities for the student to reflect on their behavior choices. Below is the progression of steps we will follow.


    • Warning
    • Reflection Activity (Completed during silent lunch)
    • AM Detention (7:55-8:55) 
    • AM Detention (7:55-8:55)
    • PM Detention (4:00-5:45)
    • Saturday School (8:00-12:00)
    • Administrative Referral


    When a disciplinary step has been assigned, the assigning teacher will communicate the details of the infraction to the student’s parent and determine the appropriate date for the student to serve their consequence. If a consequence is not served, the teacher will communicate with the grade-level Assistant Principal. The resulting consequence will be that the student will serve the appropriate time in the In-School Suspension room during the school day.


    The classroom discipline steps do not replace behaviors and consequences that are addressed with office referrals. For severe behaviors that violate the GCPS Code of Conduct, appropriate consequences will be determined by the NGMS administrative team.


    If you have any questions, please contact your student’s grade-level administrator.