• Foreign Language Carnegie Course - 2 year commitment required

    Your child will need to choose which one he/she is interested in. If selected for this program, your child will participate as a seventh and eighth grader in a yearlong Spanish or French Connections class, which is equivalent to the first year of foreign language study in the high school curriculum. Upon successful completion of the 2-year program, he/she may earn a Carnegie Unit credit, which means that your child may earn high school credit prior to entering high school.

    Spanish and French classes are offered as a connections class but should be treated as an academic course due to their content and high level of accountability. We use the same materials and have the same expectations as the high school has for students in Spanish I and French I, but we spread the content over 2 years. A serious commitment and quality study habits are required for students enrolled in our foreign language courses to ensure both short and long-term levels of success. For example, students need to dedicate time outside of class, on a daily basis, to study vocabulary and concepts learned during class.

    Students may express interest in Spanish only, French only, or both, but placement is NOT guaranteed.

    To be considered for Spanish I or French I, the following criteria have been established:

    1. Students should have earned at least an 85 average in language arts and an 80 average in math at the end of their first semester in 6th grade.

    2. Parents must access the link below to complete an electronic Parent/Student Acknowledgment and Commitment Form no later than Monday, March 18, 2024.  Forms received after this date may not be considered.

    3. Students selected for foreign language are required to continue each semester until they complete 8th grade. Spanish I and French I are a two-year commitment at Dacula Middle.

    4. Upon successful completion of the selected foreign language course, students may opt to receive a Carnegie Unit credit for high school and consider taking Spanish II or French II in the ninth grade.

    If you have questions concerning this program, please contact our foreign language teacher Ms. Curtis via e-mail at nedra.curtis@gcpsk12.org

    In the event that there are more qualified applicants than seats available, students will be selected randomly. 

    ** Please keep in mind that student schedules are not finalized until August. Final course placements will not be available until that time. **

    2024-2025 Foreign Language Acknowledgment and Commitment Form

    Please note, completion of the Acknowledgment and Commitment Form does not guarantee placement in this program.