Local School Council 2023-2024


    Lawrenceville Elementary School

    Local School Council Meeting

    February 8, 2024


    • Warm Welcome
    • Minutes
    • Special ed - Mr. Roberts
    • Title I
    • Budget Updates
    • Survey Information
    • Safety Update
    • Information and Data
    • New Business
    • Closing


    Next meeting: April 18, 2024 @ 12:00pm




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    Local School Council Minutes

    February 8, 2024



    There was a call to order at 12:00 pm on February 8, 2024.

    Participants were introduced: Candace Haynes-Principal, Kemel Robert-AP, Katherine Head-SPED Teacher-Secretary, Katie Rawlins-Instructional Coach, Yoselin Alvarez-Teacher of the Year, Danielle Davis-Administrative Assistant-LES, Leah Willig-Program Director at Boys and Girls Club, Ebony Clement-Parent, Jana Parham-Parent

    Introductions were made.

    Warm welcome: Kindergarten activity to introduce and use academic vocabulary. (Sorting and matching)

    Mr. Roberts-Special Education AP, Grades 4-5 AP, PBIS AP, All Pro-Dads coordinator, Safety and Security coordinator, Social Studies and Science contact, Parent and student surveys coordinator, Mentor to all students.

    Minutes were reviewed.

    New business: GCPS Blueprint-Whole Learner focus. Title 1 Funding-How students are fed…not how they learn. Funds are used for additional teachers, supplies/materials, extended learning programs, and family center resources.

    General Funding (Points for teachers)-Points have decreased and we will need to lean into our Title 1 funds.

    Since COVID, GCPS received CARES/Emergency Relief funds that will go away at the end of the school year. Summer School will no longer be Summer SEA but back to a traditional summer school for grades 3-5 (with promotion requirements). We will continue to have the Rising K summer program with transportation (up to 5 classes).

    You can be involved with learning about the budgets by joining the Board meetings in person or by live-streaming.

    Surveys: staff administered (employment engagement), wellness screener for students (grades 4-5) and EES survey for 3rd grade, parents, and staff (twice a year), GA student health survey (students grades 3-5, staff, and parents.

    School safety-Vestibule at front entrance, new reception in the front lobby. The goal of the vestibule is to lessen the amount of people in the building, specifically for check outs, deliveries, etc. (day to day basis). Signs will be posted in the vestibule about ringing the bell, showing your ID, etc.

    Enrollment-724 students, 8% free and reduced lunch, 27% multi-lingual learners, 17% special education students, 5% gifted education learners.

    LES represents 32 countries, 22 languages, 5% with disciplinary files, 20% have chronic absenteeism (absent 10%+ of enrolled days), 1.8% are homeless.

    LES mobility rate-30.5%, GCPS mobility rate-16.5%

    CCRPI-LES has greatly improved with closing the gap for students.



    District 1 Area Board Meeting led by Board member Karen Watkins-3-26-24 at Grayson High School. Meet and Greet is at 6:30 and the meeting begins at 7:00.

    March 6 is Read Across America Day. Guest readers are all welcome.

    Minutes will be emailed to all members as well as made public.

    Questions- Will more information come about rising K? Yes, there will more information coming.

    The meeting was adjourned at 12:55 pm

    The next School Council meeting will be April 18, 2024, at 12:00 pm. Classroom visits.