• Transcripts can be ordered in one of three ways:

    1. To order your transcript for an in-state college/university through Gafutures:

    • go to
    • create an account (spell your name the same as in our system) & include your social security number (for HOPE scholarship eligibility purposes)
    • go to "college planning" tab
    • go to "high school transcripts" tab
    • go to "request and track your transcript"

    2. To order through

    • log in to your mpp account
    • go to school fees
    • look for "transcript or common app" then place order. These will be processed and available for pick-up within 24 hours of receiving notification


    3. To order through PHS:

    • complete a Transcript Request Form (located in the Counseling Office)
    • attach $5.00 for EACH transcript request and give to Mrs. Kroll, Counseling Office Manager.
    • return in 24 hours to pick up the transcript/s. 


    *** Please note for Options 2 & 3 that students can only request/pick-up transcripts BEFORE or AFTER SchoolStudents may not request/pick-up a transcript during school hours. ***


    Students who graduated more than two years ago, click here.


  • Requesting School Records for Immigration Process:

    If your student is currently at PHS or was here within the last two years, see Ms. Kroll, counseling clerk, for the proper form.

    Cost: $5. All grade reports and attendance information in the permanent file will be copied and included. Allow 24 hours.

    Over two years: you must go to the link above for the county office.