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    • Play 2 Learn is a program for young children— ages birth to 5— offered at all elementary schools in Gwinnett County Public Schools. Children and parents and other adults in the family learn TOGETHER through engaging lesson plans in a high-quality preschool environment for 90 minutes each week during the school year. Families are empowered to keep the learning going at home so that all children will be ready for Kindergarten!
      Play 2 Learn es un programa para niños pequeños, recién nacidos hasta 5 años, que se ofrece en todas escuelas primarias en las Escuelas Públicas del Condado de Gwinnett. Los niños y padres y otros adultos en la familia aprenden JUNTOS a través de interesantes e interactivas instrucciones en un ambiente preescolar de alta calidad durante 90 minutos cada semana durante el año escolar. ¡Las familias están capacitadas para que el aprendizaje continúe en casa y así todos los niños estarán listos para el Kindergarten!
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  • Gwinnett Building Babies' Brains

    1. Early Learning Matters: The early years of a child's life are a critical period for brain development with at least a million neural connections being built every second! 

    2. Parental Involvement: We encourage families to engage in meaningful interactions and provide a stimulating environment for their children. They are, of course, their child’s first and best teacher! 

    3. Access to Resources: We promote access to high-quality resources and programs that support early learning.