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Updating Your Contact Information

  • Parents should verify the accuracy of their contact information at the beginning of each school year or they can update this information in the Parent Portal. In addition, if changes to contact information occur during the school year, parents should contact the school office to let staff know of those changes, or update via the Portal. This will improve communication throughout the year and ensure that your family will receive messages sent through SchoolMessenger.

    In addition to verifying that your cell phone number is accurate in the system, you also will need to subscribe to the text message service if you wish to receive emergency texts from the school system. You can do so by texting the word “SUBSCRIBE” to the number 67587. You will receive an immediate response by text. If you do not, please contact your wireless provider, as some providers do not accept texts that use short code (SMS) messages. (Note: If you subscribed to receive text messages last year, there is no need to resub­scribe unless your number changed.)

  • To change your phone number:

    1. Sign into the Parent Portal
    2. In the top menu for Parent Portal, click "Update Student Information"
    3. Choose the "My Account" Tab.
    4. You can directly change your phone number on this page.

    Email and address changes:  Please visit the front office at Mason Elementary and bring a photo ID.   For address changes, please also bring proof of address such as utility bill, apartment rental agreement, or Morgage agreement (only the portion that shows the physical address is necessary.)