• Walkers

    Walkers will be released to the cafeteria at dismissal. Parents or guardians must present the walker tag for their child to be dismissed to you.

  • Daycare Riders

    Day Care Rider Guidelines

    Several daycares serve our school.  Daycare vans drop off and pick up in the bus lane.

    If your child attends a daycare they will receive an orange tag for their backpack. 

  • Car Riders

    Morning Drop Off

    • Morning drop off is from 8:20AM - 8: 50AM.
    • If you arrive after 8:50AM, you must check your child in at the front office.
    • You do not need a car rider tag to drop off in the mornings.
    • Cars will unload the full length of the sidewalk.
    • Students must exit on the sidewalk side of the car.
    • Before your vehicle pulls up to the sidewalk, your child should be ready to exit the vehicle:
      • Seatbelt unbuckled
      • Backpack on
      • Water bottle and lunchbox in hand
      • Goodbye kisses given
    • Parents are not permitted to exit their vehicles in the car rider lane, so ensure your child knows how to:
      • Unbuckle their seatbelt/carseat
      • Open the door
      • Put on their backpack
    • The car rider lane is a no passing zone. 

    Afternoon Pick Up

    • Afternoon pick up is from 3:20PM - 3:50PM.
    • If you arrive after 3:50PM, you must pick up your child from the office with a photo ID.
    • Upon entering the car rider line, you must have a car rider tag in clear view in order to pick up your child. If you do not have a car rider tag, you will be required to go to the front office and present your ID to pick up your child. No homemade or pictures of official tags will be accepted. Only the official, current car rider tag may be used.
    • You will be issued 2 car rider tags. If you need additional tags, you will need to present your ID in the front office.
    • Your tag number will be recorded as soon as you turn into the car rider line off Old Peachtree Road, so make sure it is ready to go.
    • Cars are loaded next to the colored cones (blue, yellow, red, purple, orange, green). Pull up all the way to ensure all 6 cars can be loaded.
    • Students must have a blue car rider tag on their backpack or temporary pass in their hand to be loaded into a car.
    • A Parsons staff member will verify the number on your vehicle tag matches the student’s car rider tag.
    • Cars must be loaded on the sidewalk side.
    • Parents are not permitted to exit their vehicles, so ensure your child knows how to buckle their seatbelt/carseat.
    • If your child needs assistance, you will be required to park in a parking spot in order to provide this assistance.
    • If your child is not outside standing on their assigned color when you pull up, you will be asked to park in the handicapped parking spots and wait for them.
      • To minimize this occurrence, have your child practice recognizing their number before school begins and encourage them to “watch the screen” carefully for their number.
    • The car rider lane is a no passing zone.
    • The car rider lane is a no idling zone. If you arrive early, turn your car off until students begin dismissing.

    Car Rider Agreement

  • Bus Riders

    Bus Rider Guidelines

    1. Riding the bus is a privilege – it is not a right. Bus transportation is offered to all Gwinnett County students. Improper conduct on the bus will result in the privilege being denied.
    2. All students receive a green (kindergarten) or yellow (1-5) Bus Tag to keep on their backpacks.  
    3. If a student gets a new backpack, please send the Bus Tag with the new backpack to the front office, and we will attach the Bus Tag to the new backpack. 
    4. If a student loses his/her Bus Tag, the teacher will send the student to the office, and we will provide a new Bus Tag.  
    5. A student must have a Bus Tag to board the bus in the afternoons.  
    6. If a student rides a bus every day that is not the student's home bus, the parent must complete a Transportation Parent Authorization Form.  

    ** Due to the limited number of school buses and bus capacity, the District does not allow students to ride another bus as transportation for birthday parties, scouts, play dates, or any other reason.