Welcome Snellville Middle Parents and Guardians to the 2023-24 school year! 

  • Student safety and security is a priority at Snellville Middle School, and we believe the best method for your student to come to and from school is by using our school buses.  However, we realize that many parents are opting for their child(ren) to be a car rider occasionally, and/or your circumstances are such that your child must be a car rider. 

    We are asking all of our families to follow the car rider procedures and expectations when dropping off or picking up their children. To promote safety, staff will direct vehicle movement and the unloading or loading of students to a safe area in the lane.  Please do not allow your child to exit the vehicle until directed by a staff member. 

    Morning Drop-Off Procedure:

    • Only one lane of traffic is used for drop-off.
    • Students may exit the vehicle when signaled by faculty or staff
    • Parents should pull forward before stopping for their child to exit the vehicle.
    • For safety reasons, parents should not attempt to drive around a car during drop-off.
    • All students should be dropped off before 9:20 a.m. 
    • First period begins at 9:20 and students are considered tardy if they are not in class by 9:20 a.m.

    Afternoon Pick-Up Procedure:

    • Only one lane of traffic is used for pick-up.
    • Parents may arrive on campus in car rider pick-up lane no earlier than 3:00 p.m.
    • Staff will assist with the traffic flow and direct vehicle movement.  
    • Please make sure you follow the directions of the staff to ensure a safe and quick car rider line.
    • Students will be dismissed at 4:00 p.m. to go to the car rider staging locations within the building.
    • For safety reasons, parents should not attempt to drive around a car during pick-up.
    • All car riders must be picked up before 4:30 p.m.
    • When there are severe storms/lightning in the area, we will move the students inside the building. A staff member will come to your car to ask for your child’s name. We will then call for your child to come to the car rider lane. Please do not call your child on a cellphone during bad weather/severe storms and tell them to come outside. This could compromise safety and can cause confusion.  We want to ensure all students are safe and accounted for during severe weather.


    Car Rider Drop off and Pick Up is located on Pate DRIVE

    Car Rider Lane instructions

    Thank you for doing your part in ensuring that we have a safe arrival and dismissal for our staff and students.  

    Katise Taylor, Principal