Lawrenceville Elementary PBIS Center



    About Us

    Lawrenceville Elementary has been proud to be a PBIS school for the last several years. PBIS focuses on positive behaviors, teaching and reteaching school and classroom expectations and rewarding students with incentives. Our school expectations are taught and referred to daily so all students can be equipped to have a successful day at Lawrenceville Elementary.


    Our Awesome Incentives:

    • Lead Bucks: Buy rewards and admission to events throughout the school year.
    • PBIS Celebration: Fun school-wide events to celebrate students for awesome behavior!


    You can help!

    We encourage all parents to talk with your child about the school motto and what it means to them. Ask them if they earned any Lead Bucks this week. Ask them about some of the PBIS Celebrations and how to earn it.


    Did You know?

    PBIS held a Silent Disco Glow Party last month! Students got to experience 3 different genres of music through headphones and had a blast dancing, singing, and switching stations through their headphones.

  • Dear Family,

    We are thankful for you being part of our school community! The world is changing quickly and we want to do everything we can to help students be successful in school and life. We are excited to tell you that we will be using a program called PurposeFull People this year. This program teaches skills that will help students be successful in school and in life. We believe that students should have safe, predictable places to learn where they feel included. Students should have healthy and helpful connections with teachers and classmates. They should also experience learning that will help them tackle challenges inside and outside of school. PurposeFull People is more than a set of lessons - it is a partnership between schools and families to create a place where students feel like they belong and learn skills that will help them be the best they can be!


    PurposeFull People has three main goals for students: Be Kind, Be Strong, and Be Well. 

    • Be Kind: Social skills like listening, friendship, solving conflicts, and leadership. 
      • These skills are taught alongside Empathy, Respect, & Cooperation 
    • Be Strong: Skills that help students focus, stay organized, and set goals. 
      • These skills are taught alongside Responsibility, Courage, & Perseverance 
    • Be Well: Skills that help students handle their emotions and deal with stress. 
      • These skills are taught alongside Gratitude, Honesty, & Creativity 


    This year, you’ll be invited to join the fun! We will send letters home about the skills and strengths being taught each month. Each letter will include some ways to build these skills at home, discussion starters, and fun challenges you can try with your family.

    The path forward is full of growth! We cannot wait to partner with you in this work…

    • To teach students how to build strong friendships 
    • To work together to solve problems, big and small 
    • To grow skills for life 
    • To become PurposeFull People