• Guidance

    Simonton Elementary school counselors teach a comprehensive, developmental guidance curriculum. Classroom guidance lessons are taught using a variety of methods including activities, music, drawing, stories, games, worksheets, role playing, puppets, videos, and PowerPoint.


    Guidance lessons are focused on three domains: educational (E), personal/social (P/S) and career (C).  Educational development encompasses strategies that maximize and support student learning. Career development gives students the foundation for developing skills, attitude and knowledge for the school to work transition. Personal/social development affords the basis for personal and social growth that plays a vital role in educational and career success.


    Simonton Guidance lessons abide by Gwinnett County's Academic, Knowledge and Skills (AKS). Below are the listed competencies for each grade level that your child will know and be able to do as a result of participating in a developmental guidance program.


    Counseling Curriculum