Habitual Tardies

    • Tardies equal missed learning! 
    • Can interrupt other children's learning
    • Can impact the child's behavior, self esteem, and school success
    • Disrupts morning routine 
    • Affects important time for building classroom community & socialization 
    • Some children may miss interventions or special services that are scheduled first thing in the morning

    Absences become a Problem? Chronic Absence: missing 18 days or more. Warning signs: 10-17 days. Satisfactory: 9 days or less
Missing 2 days of school a month can make it harder for them to learn to read.

We are here to help! Reach out if...

    • Your child has severe separation anxiety and you're worried that he/she may miss too much school
    • Your child has a major chronic health issue
    • Your child misses more than 2 consecutive absences (please contact the teacher)
    • Your child experiences the loss of an immediate family member
    • There's a crisis that affects attendance such as homelessness
    • Call or email the School Counselor, 


  • Parent written notes are needed for each absence.

    Please include your child's full name, teacher, the reason, date, and parent/gaurdian name. 

    Please return excused notes in your child's folder on the day that they return to school.