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  • Parkview High School is a testing site for both the SAT and ACT.
    Our school code test #: 111-826

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    **Testing Dates for 2019-2020 are on the College & Career Calendar. Please note, there are deadlines for each testing date. 

    The Accuplacer is another exam that is given to determine if a person is ready to take college-level classes in key subject areas. This exam is scheduled by the college advisor or college counseling office in which the student will seek admission to.

    *Some colleges and universities are Test Optional (SAT/ACT scores are not required) for some programs/degree choices. Please see the individual colleges and universities admission requirements.

    2021 Test Optional Colleges

    UNIVERSITY SYSTEM OF GEORGIA - COVID-19: Waives test score requirement for Spring, Summer, Fall ’21

Upcoming 2020-2021 Testing Dates

  • SAT / ACT Waivers

    SAT/ACT Waivers are available based on financial requirements. Waivers typcially are not accepted during summer months, however please check your individual dashboards for updates.

    All SAT waivers during the 2020-2021 school year will be issued electronically. No paper waivers will be issued during the school year. **

    **Juniors/Seniors that already tested with a fee waiver will automatically have their full set of fee waiver benefits in their College Board account. No additional fee waiver will be issued!

    College Application Fee Waivers

    Please check with the college in which you would like to apply. Most colleges are providing "Application fee waivers" during this time.

    College Board College Application waiver, contact Mrs. Kimbro.