• Radloff Procedures

    Birthday Celebrations:

    If you choose to celebrate your child's birthday at school, please help us keep our students safe by adhering to the following guidelines:

    1. You may bring ice cream cups or frozen popsicles for the class to enjoy during your child's lunch time.
    2. Ice cream cups may also be purchased at school.
    3. Due to food allergies, please DO NOT bring cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or other treats for students. We cannot share these in the cafeteria, because this could be dangerous for students who have food allergies.
    4. No balloons, treat bags, flowers, food, or other items may be delivered to the school. Please enjoy these special birthday treats at home with your family.


    Lunch Visits:

    Parents may take the opportunity to join your child during his/her lunchtime during the school year. Please send a note with your child so that their teacher is aware you will be visiting during their lunchtime. This helps us ensure we have enough food for students and staff. Because safety is our number one priority, please adhere to the following requests:

    •  Sign in when you enter the building. Be prepared to show your identification to the front desk personnel. Only parents/ guardians whose names appear on the Student Identification Cards will have access to students.

    • Outside food is not allowed in the School Cafeteria. Please do not bring food from home or from a restaurant unless you plan to eat at the visitor table located in another area of the school. If you wish to pack a lunch for your child, please send it to school with him/her in the morning.

    •  Your child's friends may not join you at the visitor table.

    • If you have multiple children in our school and wish to join all of them for lunch, you must adhere to their lunch times only. If you bring younger children with you to lunch, please make sure they are seated with you at all times.

     Lunch for adults is $3.00. Food may NOT be brought in from outside the school. In order to make your visit to our school special for your student, please keep cell phones put away when visiting our school.

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