• Clinic

  • General Information

    The school clinic is staffed by a highly qualified clinic worker. First aid is administered in the clinic. The clinic hours are from 7:45AM-3:30PM.

  • Illness Policy

    When your child is ill and/or running a temperature, please DO NOT send him/her to school and risk the health of others. Parents will be called if students are too sick to remain at school, are injured, if they are running a temperature of 101 degrees or more, or if we believe your child needs further medical attention. Please have your child remain home until fever-free for 24 hours without medication. It is very important that each student’s registration information includes an emergency contact person and phone number in the event a parent cannot be reached in an emergency.

  • Allergies

    If your child has a life threatening allergy, (bee stings, ant bites, severe food allergies, etc.), please notify the clinic and the classroom teacher. You will need to complete an Allergy Health Management Plan (available by request from the school clinic) and you will need to bring the medication to keep in the clinic during the school year.

  • Medication

    All medications must be brought to the clinic by the parent. Students are not allowed to transport medication to/from school. Medication must be in the original container and prescriptions must have the prescription label on the medication. Medication must be stored and administered in the clinic only. The teacher will not be held responsible for medication. Should it be necessary for a student to have medication for any duration of time, a parent/guardian must complete the GCPS Medical Administration Form provided to you in the clinic. All medications need to be picked up by the parent at the end of the school year. Any medications left at the end of the school year, after the clinic has given you a courtesy reminder call to pick them up, will be discarded.

  • Medical Forms

    Some health conditions may require that additional documentation be kept on file at our school. Please fill out any needed forms and return them to the school.  THe forms are available by request from the school clinic.

    List of GCPS Medical Forms