• Transportation

  • Car Rider Procedures

    Students are encouraged to ride the school bus whenever possible. It is the safest form of transportation and children are never marked tardy.

    If you choose to drive your child to school, we ask for your patience as there is often a long line of cars.  Drop off is in the parking lot next to the two-story building between 7:45 and 8:10 AM. To avoid students being marked tardy, the parking lot gate will be closed at 8:10 each morning to allow students in cars already on the premises to be inside the building by 8:15 AM.  After 8:10 you will need to park and escort your child to the front office for check-in, therefore, arrival after 8:15 will more than likely cause your child to be tardy for the day.

    Afternoon pick-up is also located in the parking lot next to the two-story building and is open from 2:45 to 3:10 PM. Parents/guardians picking up students from the car rider area on a regular basis should register their child as a car rider and receive a car rider tag to display from the rear-view mirror.  Parents/guardians without tags will be required to show picture ID. Staff members will be outside to assist with loading and unloading students. Students will remain in the building until called by a staff member.  For security and procedural reasons parents/guardians picking up their child from the car rider area should remain in their car. No ‘walk-ups’ are allowed. All students should be picked up by 3:10 PM each day.

    Please refrain from using your cell phone and playing loud music while in the car rider line.

  • Transportation Changes

    It can be very confusing to young children, as well as create procedural challenges, to alternate between daycare, parent/guardian pickup and buses, therefore transportation changes should only be made in the event of an emergency.

    •            All changes must be requested in writing. In the absence of a note from the parent/guardian, students will be transported home in their usual manner.
    •            Emergency transportation changes must be made in the front office before 2:15 PM in person or by sending a note to school. We DO NOT make transportation changes over the telephone.
    •            If you need your child to ride a different bus, your note will need to include the address the child is going to, name of person responsible for the child, a valid phone number for the location, and the dates for the duration of the change.
    •            Temporary transportation changes are only valid for 5 days at a time.
    •            If you wish to pick up your child from school after 2:15 PM, you will need to send a note indicating such change and then pick up your child in the car rider lane at dismissal.

    Any permanent transportation changes require that the parent/guardian come into the office with a valid picture ID, to fill out the appropriate paperwork.  If you have moved, bring a copy of the lease/mortgage in order to make a permanent transportation change.