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  • Attendance

    All students are expected to be in attendance in order to take advantage of the opportunity to learn. Teachers and counselors work closely with parents to ensure that children are prompt and present each day at Rockbridge, except in the case of illness or emergency.

    If your child is absent, you must send a note to the teacher when your child returns to school.  The absence is considered unexcused until a note is received.  Only excused absences allow students to be able to makeup work.  Parents will receive a letter from the school if a student misses 5 or more days of school.  If a student misses 10 or more days, a letter is sent from an administrator.  Students who miss more than 15 days will be referred to the social worker.

    If late arrivals to school and absences become excessive, a school official will contact you.  A meeting will be scheduled with you to discuss your child's attendance issues and to determine a plan to help you get your child to school daily and on time.

    GCPS Attendance Protocol

  • Student Check-Out Procedures

    Parents/guardians are required to show proper identification. A student will not be released to the adult without identification and authorization denoted on the Locator Cards. We ask that you limit check outs from school as this interrupts the child’s instructional day.

    No check-outs are allowed after 2:15pm.

  • Transportation

    school bus Please send a note to the front office alerting us of any transportation changes. For the safety of our students, we are unable to accept changes over the phone.

    GCPS Transportation Information

  • Visitors in the School

    notice to sign in We encourage parents to visit our school. Visitor Check-In Procedures: GCPS requires all visitors, including parents and guardians, to show proper identification. Visitors must present a photo ID in order to receive a visitor’s sticker. All visitors must sign in at the front office and the visitor’s sticker must remain visible while in the building. Cell phones must not be in use while in our building. As you know the safety of our students is our top priority, and by following these procedures, we will only be able to print visitor badges specific to our campus. If your child is tardy (arriving after 8:15am), or you are coming to visit the school, you must enter through the doors by the front office.

    As a courtesy to the teacher, we ask that a prior appointment be made for visitation and/or conference.

    Our cafeteria page has information on when to visit your child for lunch.