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    Dear Parents:

    Recently your child visited the Britt Elementary Media Center and checked out a book from our collection.  I hope this will be the beginning of a lifetime love of reading and information gathering. 

    Students in kindergarten and first grade may check out one book at a time. Second through fifth grade students may check out two books at a time. Students may keep books for up to two weeks.  Students may be allowed more books depending on special circumstances like Readers Rally Club and special research projects. Your teacher will inform you of visitation procedures and when your child will be visiting the media center.

    It is my wish for students to learn to be responsible for taking care of the materials checked out from the media center.  Here is how you can help:

    • Choose a special, safe place to keep the book while it is at home.
    • Encourage your child to put the book back in his/her book bag when it’s due.
    • Teach your child how to protect the book from food, liquids, and younger siblings.

    As stated in the Britt Handbook, if a book is lost or beyond repair, the book will need to be replaced.  Your child may not be able to check out another book until the book is returned or the fine paid.  The replacement cost of a hardback book is $15.00.  The replacement cost of a paperback book is $5.00.  

    I look forward to working with your child in the media center this year.  If you would like to volunteer in the media center, please contact me.  It’s a wonderful place to learn!


    Shannon Davis


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