• Arcado Elementary Counseling Department Mission Statement

    The mission of Arcado Elementary School’s Counseling Department is to pursue excellence in academics and behavior through a safe, equitable environment which results in measured continuous improvement. Through the delivery of comprehensive, developmentally appropriate counseling services, all students will develop necessary academic, emotional, social, and career skills that enable them to be life-long learners. School counselors serve as advocates to promote equity, access, and success for all students. Participation in this comprehensive, developmental counseling program aids students in developing a passion for learning and acquire the capacity to overcome real-world challenges in order to be successful leaders.


    Arcado Elementary Counseling Department Vision Statement

    The students served through the Arcado Elementary Comprehensive School Counseling program possess the academic knowledge and skills to be life-long learners and leaders, as well as successful world-class citizens. They appreciate diversity, effectively use empathy and encouragement, and maintain cultural awareness of selves and others. Striving for greatness and demonstrating resiliency drives them towards success in all areas of life and positively impacts those around them. They implement problem-solving and critical thinking skills which ensures they are college and career ready, contributing members of society, and able to compete on a global scale in all endeavors.